Always Fresh

The Spirit of the Mediterranean

Boxer & Co. were briefed to revitalise Always Fresh and its 100+ SKUs

In a time when provenance & brand story translates to premium, it felt right to bring to life the abundance of the region that the products hail from. Our challenge was to capture the unparalleled depth of flavours, aromas and wonderful colours the Mediterranean produces, whilst retaining a sense of range and structure.

The circular logo houses the provenance story in a wood-carving style and sits proudly in the centre of the pack, ensuring stand-out and memorability. A quadrant of four Mediterranean inspired tiles surround it, following the same format on every pack; a coloured pattern, a landscape, a detail of the Mediterranean and an image of the product. Whilst the seal adds a finishing hand crafted artisanal touch.

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“The Team at Boxer & Co. really exceeded our
expectations and executed this job with passion and professionalism. We are thrilled to be embarking on an exciting new era for Always Fresh with this fresh new design that truly brings the essence of the brand to life.” Georgina Vergunst,
Retail Strategy Manager, Riviana Foods