Cleaning Up the Laundry Aisle

For a category dedicated to cleanliness, there is a surprising amount of visual mess in the laundry aisle. Flashes, bold colours and strong words all compete in an attempt to shout the loudest. We saw an opportunity to create some clarity, focus and calm amidst that with this new, exclusive to Woolworths laundry brand.

The central ‘C’ graphic is a visual shortcut to the brand name, and echoes the shape of a front loader machine. This also works as a window to the tumbling, cleaning action, with bubbles and fragrance cues cascading out of their contained shape and floating, harmoniously onto the side and back of pack. The pack’s background linen texture softens the overall look and reflects the product usage.

Continuing the laundry theme, mandatory symbols appear as clothing labels ‘stitched’ onto the linen pack and a silver treatment makes the logo pop in a nod to its efficacy.

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“We are very excited to have the new Clean brand on shelf. The new brand look created by Boxer & co. has a strong visual identity and fresh look. Our customers are loving the new Clean brand look which is exclusive to Woolworths stores” Ruchi Agarwal, Brand Manager – Category Brands HHB,
Household & Pet Woolworths Food Co.